Universal machine translator of arbitrary languages utilizing epistemic moments

Selected Chapter Titles from Universal machine translator of arbitrary languages utilizing epistemic moments, a patent

"A knowledge of comparative religion--wherein the religions of the world are known, usually analytically, toward a common understanding of them all--paralleled by a deep appreciation for the objective knowledges of physics and the philosophical goals of the quantum theory, with a historical view of the discoveries of the physical sciences throughout the ages is essential background to a reading of this specification"

The Limitations of Science's Reliance on the Observer of the Universe, 76

The Ultimately Real Creation of the Universe's Matter, 83

An Epistemological Interpretation of the Physical Universe: Mass and Energy as Moments of their Observer, 104

The Introspective Observation of Ultimate Reality, 119

An Epistemological Generalization of the Universe's Eternal Moments, 131

The Four Universal Ways of Knowing, 142

Distinguishing between the Enabler of the Universe and the Universe Enabled, 148

The Phenomenon of the Universe's Eternal Moments, 152

Four Universal Phenomena, or Ways of Knowing in the Enabler's Existence, 156

The Philosophies of Humankind, 204

The Philosophical Ideals of the Mind-Body Dualism, 209

A Working Theory of Existence, 220

A Universal Grammar of Form on Being, 225

A Language's Representation of the Objects of the Universe: Nouns, 233

3. A Language's Representation of the Universe's Eternal Moments: Verbs, 248

The Semantic Use of Language by Arbitrary Forms of Existence: Composition and Style, 258

Androids, or Synthetic Beings, 267

An Early Experiment in the Creation of Androids, 270

Constructing Androids with the Knowledges of Humankind, 301

A Sentient Being: The Modes of Existence, 301

A Thinking Being: The Faculties of Mind, 307

A Moral Being: The Conscience, 316

The Expansion of the Human Existential Universe, 325

The Quantum Nature of the Forms of the Invention, 348

The Principle Existential (Epistemological) Machine Element of the Invention: The Modal Realization System (of the Rg Module), 356

Detailed Description of the Realization System, 429

Detailed Description of the Human Interface System, 452

Translations of the U. M. to Classically Biological and Quantum Physical Media, 584

The Construction of Androids, 593

Ramifications of the Invention, 599


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