Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Dear Ed-

This paper sure has changed since last I read it. I am glad to see that it continues. Its missing something.... letters from me, that must be it.

Andrew Sigman

Editor's Note:

Dear Mr. Sigman,

You are exactly right! You have always been an invaluable presence to The OUMMCBNOM, the perfect foil to our madcap editorial staff. In honor of your storied history and in celebration of your newest letter, I am proud to present
The Andrew Sigman Retrospective, a review of your appearances in The OUMMCBNOM since 1994.

The Andrew Sigman Retrospective
Early Winter, 1994
Early Winter, 1994
Late Spring, 1995
Early Summer, 1995
Mr. Sigman cleverly avoids paying his subscription fee
Mr. Sigman offers his services as comic strip artist and calls the editor a pervert
Mr. Sigman confesses "compelling fantasy" involving lettuce leaf loincloth
Mr. Sigman calls Amy a weenie

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