Cubicle Matinee Theater

Cubicle Matinee Theater

Staging a theatrical experience for your whole office using only what is available in your supply room.

The modern office. A place of deadlines, invoices, meetings, and numbing, silent toil. Today the OOW, in partnership with, presents a way to transform your workaday 9 to 5 into a vibrant, creative happening your entire office can enjoy. How? It's simple: with Cubicle Matinee Theater, theater performed in your cube using only common office supplies. Here's how to get started.

Assessing your performance space
All the world's a stage, and that has never been more true than for Cubicle Matinee Theater, where your cubicle becomes the stage on which your players' story unfolds. As in a puppet show, your players will appear above the rim of your cube while you, unseen, control their movement and voices from the interior of your office. To maintain the illusion, remain close to your cubicle wall. Note the height of your cube walls and select a wall easily visible from all sides of your office. Good sightlines make for a satisfying theater experience!

Assembling your cast
This step is critical. If your actors are not believable in their roles, your production is sure to be a flop. So, choose carefully. Pens and pencils, with their uncannily human form and expressive colors, are a natural choice. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and best of all, pencils can actually be shortened for their role with a quick trip to the sharpener! Don't overlook other supplies, though. Staplers have a lot to offer: with a little squeeze from your skilled hands, a stapler's "mouth" can move just like yours does when you talk! Pushpins can double as small children, or get a whole box together and, lickety split, you've got plebeians! Even the best cast needs plenty of rehearsal and direction, so be sure to spend lots of time helping your actors prepare for their roles as well as practicing your own office-supply puppetry techniques. But don't let your colleagues catch you rehearsing--you wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

Scenery and props
Scenery and props are your chance to add both realism and artistry to your production. Costumed markers make convincing coniferous trees. Erasers are versatile furniture pieces. In/Out boxes can be used to create balconies and other architectural features. Above all, be creative! Everything in your drawer can become a part of the Cubicle Matinee.

Opening night
When the big day finally arrives, expect the unexpected. An emergency staff meeting or surprise visit from your supervisor may keep your curtain down for a few hours. The day before your performance, be sure the supply room is fully stocked. Sharpen pencils, fill up your stapler, and check to make sure pens are still inked-up. Hopefully you have a full cast of understudies ready to step in if a pencil breaks or a roll of tape runs out at the last minute. But the only way to be prepared for anything is to keep your wits about you, stay focused, and remember that, no matter what, the show must go on!


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