Volume 4, Number 1, Page 1


Otherwise known as the "Official Unofficial Meenie Meenie Chillie Beenie Newsletter of Michigan"

 Early Summer Edition, 1995      Visa and Mastercard accepted  
 Volume 4, Number 1

L'Shanah Tovah!

Yes, the Jewish New Year is rapidly approaching, and with it, your first summer edition of the OUMMCBNOM (motto: we're nothing if not fashionably late). This issue offers you a special peek into the newly redesigned, state of the art fourth volume of OUMMCBNOMs! We now have three full years of experiense producing a high quality newsletter, and we believe that, with this experience, you will find that future OUMMCBNOMs reflect the growing skill and maturity of the writers and staff, as well as that of our readers. Speaking of growing maturity, we are proud to announce the second birthday of OUMMCBNOM columnists Jenni and Julie Jones! The pair has given our readers a reminder of the mirth and carefree lives of exceptionally literate toddlers, and has reminded us at the OUMMCBNOM of why we made the important decision to devote our time to a newsletter in the first place-the sheer enjoyment of making others happy through our work! Jenni and Julie Jones will be starting mother-toddler classes in the fall, and promise to keep us updated.

In other news, Prudence and Camilla have become increasingly dissatisfied with the number of letters they have received over the summer, a grand total of 2. Because of the care with which Pud and Cam answer each and every letter they get, this kept them mildly busy; however, they have answered both as thoroughly as they can, and are beginning to become hostile. Remember, your letters are Pud and Cam's only reward for working at the OUMMCBNOM.

They do what they do out of a genuine concern for the subscribers, not for any pay. Besides, we know where you live! Thank you, and enjoy this issue of the OUMMCBNOM.

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