Volume 4, Number 5, Page 1

Otherwise known as the "Official Unofficial Meenie Meenie Chillie Beenie Newsletter of Michigan"

Mid Fall Edition, 1995           Subscription fees not tax-deductible
Volume 4, Number 5

You Again?

Welcome to your next OUMMCBNOM! This month we have a selection of writing so diverse and delicately amusing it is almost frightening. Among these wonderful goods is a technology feature, a new contest, and a real live article! "Why is a real live article such an exciting event?" you ask. We know that, as OUMMCBNOM readers never did read their articles, you probably have not noticed that they have been absent for quite a while. But today, in your hands, you hold an OUMMCBNOM article! We are sure that you share our elation at this great event. Even if you do not feel the merriment we do, however, it would be advisable to write a congratulatory note to the Editor, for we may keep writing more articles until you do.

This brings us to another topic-the letter shortage. Prudence and Camilla, still letterless, are currently being interviewed for jobs as Lunch Ladies at Big Al's Shrimp Hut and Charter School. Danforth, too, found the lack of subscriber appreciation unacceptable and has left us. We know you read Pud and Cam's column! Now is the time to give something back to your OUMMCBNOM by writing a letter. However, even while we speak of Pud and Cam's correspondencelessness, the Editor is suffering from a similar malady. So, if you are not comfortable writing to Pud and Cam, write to the Editor. But please write! That concludes the introduction of this OUMMCBNOM. I hope that you enjoy the rest of its offerings!

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