Volume 4, Number 5, Page 2


Dear Republican,
      Recently, there has been discussion of a flat income tax-an
equal tax on people of all incomes The problem I see with this is
that, no matter what a family's income is, the basic things they
must buy (food, a home, etc.) cost the same, Therefore, a 30% tax is
much more of a hardship on a family with a $30,000 income than it
is on a family with a $300,000 income Additionally, would not
income taxes have to increase on the middle class to keep the
overall amount received by the government the same? Another
proposed change in the income tax system which I do not
understand is that of eliminating deductions for charitable
donations. Members of your party often say that charitable
organizations must not depend upon the government, but should
instead seek our more individual donations. While I am sure that
many people make donations for purely altruistic reasons, I am
equally certain that removing this deduction would significantly
reduce the income of organizations that need donations.
Furthermore, the proposed changes would not tax invested money,
meaning that those of us blessed with "old money" are also blessed
with income taxlessness. Please explain the advantage of the flat
tax to me.

                         Investigative in Irmo

Dear Investigative,
      Clearly, the flat tax, without deductions, is a simpler system of
income tax than we currently have. And who really needs a
logical policy when faced with an easy one? The main reason- for
the superiority of the flat tax, however, is that it helps those who
need it most. The middle class is constantly being pitied, but high
income families are all too often ignored. If I cannot appeal to your
good sense, perhaps I can appeal to your compassion-think of how
much this will help all of the millionaires of our society? Only a cold,
uncaring person could oppose something that helps so many.

                              Best Wishes

                             The Republican

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