Best of the OUMMCBNOM The Best of the OUMMCBNOM

Your busy life doesn't leave time to pore through the OUMMCBNOM archives, searching for the literary gems you know are there. We have made it easy for you: these articles are some of the best we have to offer. Check them out between your executive board meeting and your working lunch, or while you wait in the airport for your flight home from the meeting in Milan. Making the most of your time is what the OUMMCBNOM is all about.

Marshmallow Despair A four-part parody of Ernest Hemingway's Farewell to Arms. From Volume 4, first printed in 1997.

The OUMMCBNOM Self-Discovery Quiz How much do you really know about yourself? If you haven't taken this quiz yet, the answer might frighten you. Written by our highly trained staff, this quiz has helped a generation of OUMMCBNOM readers in their quest for self-actualization. Isn't it time you take the first step? Volume 4, 1997.

The Michigan High School Proficiency Test Standardized tests are a growing part of the American educational system. Take our version, based on tests administered to high school juniors and seniors in 1996-1997. Volume 4.

Rejected Kiddie Book Titles A rare glimpse of the publishing industry's seamy underbelly. From OUMMCBNOM: The College Years.

The OUMMCBNOM Course Catalog Course descriptions from OUMMCBNOM: The College Years.