OUMMCBNOM: The College Years

TCY: The Official OUMMCBNOM of the New Millenium!

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New Features
Page 15 Course Catalog Additions and Corrections
Page 16 Poetry Selection: College Haikus
Page 17 Rejected Kiddie Book Titles

Page 1 Welcome
Page 2 The OUMMCBNOM Purity Test
Page 3 What's The Big Deal About Breasts: An OUMMCBNOM Expose
Page 4 The OUMMCBNOM Coming Out Page
Page 5 What's the Big Deal About Cheese: An OUMMCBNOM Dialogue
Page 6 The OUMMCBNOM Course Catalog
Page 7 Books They Tried To Make Us Read
Page 8 The OUMMCBNOM Guide To Love
Page 9 Movie Spectacular: Orca
Page 10 Your Social Security Number and You
Page 11 Dorm Olympics
Page 12 Letters To The Editor
Page 13 Dear Prudence and Camilla
Page 14 Letter From The Editor

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