Course Catalog Additions and Corrections

BIO 211 Reimagining the Spleen
Students will examine the spleen, its interaction with other organs such as the liver and kidneys, and the implications of this on contemporary spleen theory. Writings on the spleen from a variety of cultures and time periods will be explored, including both classic texts and contemporary work such as "Spleen: A Life In Pictures." Corequisite: PD 906 My Spleen, My Friend.

PHILO 35782 Postmodernism and Play-dough
Become part of the struggle to deconstruct the play-dough paradigm. Play-dough will be explored in political, social, and sexual contexts. $10 materials fee.

HIST 364 M stuff

For a complete course listing, please see the 1999-2000 OUMMCBNOM Course Catalog.

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