OUMMCBNOM Poetry Selection:
Exploring the College Experience Through Haiku

bad beer! bad!
tastes like urine
please don't be urine

fluffy fuzzy towel--so soft!
welcome dust bunnies, welcome!
will learn to wash itself

dinner/snack: pretzels
lunch snack: pretzels
breakfast: Ha!

paper finished
serenity suffuses
computer crashes

I. read this book
read this 567 page book
do so by tomorrow
II. read this book
then eight other books
nothing else to do, no?

red fish in transparent bowl
flash of crimson in pale blue water
no drunk boy! not to eat!

must not sleep
must work
try not to drool

so much work
also that other work
will take shower

hey Professor Stupid!
raised by mollusks
i make mature choice--draw you in notebook

OUMMCBNOM: TCY supports yourcreative expression. Please send writing or artwork to kate.becker@oberlin.edu. The TCY poetry selection motto: "Pickiness is for people who aren't us."

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