What's the Big Deal About Cheese?

An important OUMMCBNOM dialogue
Special guests Monica Lewinsky, Tara Lapinsky, Leon Trotsky, and Amy Kohn
With roving reporter Kermit the Frog

Amy: I like cheese. It gives you calcium. I especially like Marla Swiss. Yum! My mom says cheese is fattening but I think that's just bcause it's a dairy product, and dairy products are full of "good fat" which makes your bones grow strong and supple.

Trotsky: I like Havartski.

Monica: I like you! I mean, as a friend. . .

Trotsky: Or is it Havarti?

Monica: Monica! My name is Monica!

Tara: I won a medal. It's yellow, just like sharp Wisconsin cheddar.

Monica: [gasp!] Are you hitting on me?

Amy: Hey! We don't hit!

Tara: She started it!

Amy: Tara! You use your words!

Trotsky: Gouda! Gouda!

Monica: Gouda is a sort of yellowy whitish color.

Kermit: I'm green!

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