The OUMMCBNOM Course Catalog

HIST 201   Why do good things happen to bad people?
And why do bad things happen to me? Delve into the nether regions of imponderable angst, utilizing lengthy, expenseive, and impossibly boring textbooks to illustrate the theme of the course. Graphing calculator a must (TI 97 preferred).

ENVI 340   Tractor Driving for the Infirm
A hands-on approach to agricultural despotism, course will focus on the history of wetland destruction, John Deere, and the philosophical implications of a movie we cannot currently remember the name of. Previous experience in being crotchety advisable.

SLUG 100   Slug Studies
Bond with slugs! Bond with nature! Bond with dirt! Same as ENVI 104, Slime(y) in the Modern World: A slug's perspective.

ANTH 251   Spam and the Individual
Spam. The individual. The conflict continues.

ATHL 300   Yogurt: A Newer Age Alternative to Yoga
Meets five days a week from 12 to 12:30 in cafeteria. Dress appropriately.

ARTS 304   Painting Pickles: A Survey Course
History, theory, and practice all receive extensive coverage. Covers both new and old dills. No supply fee--a great dill!
Instructor: A. Gherkin

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