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For the week of November 21, 2005

Shuttle Dogs
Hungry for learning? If you've got a hot dog, some string cheese, bread, a your standard condiments, you can create an edible space shuttle complete with ketchup-and-mustard lift-off flames! Vegans and others with restricted diets are welcome aboard the alternate edible space shuttle made of carrots and celery.

Previous Weeks' Links

Bible Madlibs | July 29
Bible madlibs. Bible madlibs! Bible madlibs.

The Hello Kitty Psychological Test | July 22
Unlikely lovechild of emode and engrish, the Hello Kitty Psychological Test evaluates your anxiety level with a series of questions so opaque you wonder if there really might be qualified (though non-English speaking) doctors behind them.

Time Travel Fund | July 15
Want to outfox death AND visit the distant future but haven't got the cash to cryogenically freeze your head? The clever entrepreunerial minds at the Time Travel Fund have an elegant solution: give them $10 to put in an interest bearing account. By the time time travel is a reality (they predict 500 years, but no guarantees), your $10 will have become billions, surely enough to get you a time-travel ticket from the instant just before your death to a future complete with cures for all diseases, a cloned replica of your body (for the funeral), and, in all likelihood, the hovercars we've all been promised. The best idea since The Inteli-Tube Pneumatic Transportation System!

Huey Lewis and the News Mad Libs | July 8
We know that mad libs have graced the OOW Link of the Week page many times before, but the web's rich variety of these fun learning tools makes it impossible to choose only one. This week we present mad libs celebrating the lyrical oeuvre of Huey Lewis and the News. See your words featured in the band's most famous hits! Oh yeah, that's the power of [noun].

Babelfish Retranslator | June 24
If you liked the OOW's Winter Babelfish Spectacular, you will love prague.tv's automatic Babelfish retranslator. Translating out of and back in to English at the click of a button, the retranslator puts you on the fast track to translation hilarity.

The Inteli-Tube Pneumatic Transportation System | June 10
We at suburbanunderground LOVE pneumatic tubes. Here is our favorite application for them ever. EVER. And if you doubt that Mr. Lyle Zapato's proposal is for real, even PBS reports on a pneumatic subway that transported nineteenth century New Yorkers back and forth on a one-block line. Pneumatic tubes rock.

fabrica | May 27
It rocks. Just go.

Neferchichi's Tomb | May 20
Ever since Bluemountain started charging for membership, we at the OOW have been on the prowl for sources of quality, free e-cards for all occassions. This week, we are proud to present mummified-chihuahua themed digital e-postcards from Neferchichi's Tomb. But don't think that postcards are all Neferchichi has to offer. The gift shop bazaar is a don't-miss destination featuring inflatable mummies, a Ramses doorstop, and The Fruity Pharaohs Mummification Simulation ("Nearly 80 pages of lessons and activities in which kids participate in a hands-on mummification simulation by following ancient Egyptian embalming customs as closely as possible"). With some madlibs to boot, Neferchichi's Tomb is your one-stop-shop for all things Ancient Egyptian.

Winona Lake Free Methodist Bible Quizzing | May 13
The National Bible Quizzing Championships are coming up, and the Winona Lake Free Methodist team is psyched!! Fueled by Mountain Dew, they're gonna "study a shipload" and "woop Bedford's butt!" Be sure to check out the rhymes and, when you're ready to see the faces behind the web site, the photos section. The chain story, however, suggests that Winona Lake may not be the most sportsmanlike team at the Championships...

Shop Emo Dot Com | April 29
Is searching thrift stores for the perfect ironic vintage t-shirt becoming too time-consuming? Does your desire for '80s t-shirt chic conflict with your distaste for used clothing? If so, check out the fine selection of new "vintage look" "emo shirts" at shop emo dot com. Our favorite? The Yes! Michigan tee, of course!

Powers of Ten | April 15
Everyone's favorite artsy science film...online!

Fly To Space | April 8
Fly to space with frequent flyer miles! US Airways, in partnership with Space Adventures, offers a variety of space packages redeemable with your dividend miles. For a mere 10 million frequent flyer miles (that's 30,212 trips from Newark to Pittsburgh), you can reserve a seat on the first private spacecraft to take passengers to space. Blackout dates may apply.

Snow Crystals | March 25, 2002
Snow is pretty! Science rocks!

TweenTalk | March 18
Go Goddess Girl...to TweenTalk.net! While learning about TweenTalk, a game for pre-teen/post-childhood girls, you can discover your inner goddess, create a personalized empower card and, best of all, make madlibs with lines like "Becoming a tween has been wicked. Every day I change!" and "If I say so myself, lately I look phat."

Strawberryville | March 11
The California Strawberry Commission invites you to take a fantastic tour of Strawberryville! Choose from Yummy Fun, Berry Magic, and Juicy Lessons for a visit you won't soon forget. You can even write a story about your adventures as a California strawberry! Don't miss the madlibs, and be sure to check out the recipes, including both a breakfast AND desert strawberry pizza which, we must admit, sound strangely delicious.

Found Magazine | March 4
Found Magazine collects objects--letters, photographs, to-do lists--that "give a glimpse into someone else's life." Their web site has a find of the week as well as galleries of photos, notes, and audio clips. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll feel that your impulse to read notes you find on the sidewalk is not only okay, but somehow artistic.

Engrish | February 13

Coincidence Design | January 28
Tired of the dating scene with its clumsy "dates," tiresome "conversations," and time consuming "meeting people?" Coincidence Design has a solution. The process begins when you spot your "dream wife." Perhaps she is walking her professionally groomed and manicured dog past your mansion. Or maybe you eye her gliding along on her scooter as you enter your limo. However you discover her, Coincidence Design will track her down, study her, and present you with an opportunity to woo her. The catch? You must be male, straight, and very very rich. Which means that ElimiDate is still our best shot at true everlasting love.

Ferret's Net Postcards | January 21
Nothing says love like an electronic ferret, and there is no better source for cuddly digital woozles than Aprille Indelicato's surprisingly extensive and well-maintained collection of ferret images. With Blue Mountain out of the picture, Ferret's Net is sure to become your number one source of e-postcards for all occassions.

Time Cube | January 14
An academic conspiracy is afoot! It's mission: to silence Gene Ray, discoverer of the Time Cube, a revolutionary way of understanding the universe, time, God and self. From the web site: "Humans are educated stupid because they are really dumb and cannot even comprehend the Time Cube creation code when it is explained to them. Word enslaves human mind more efficiently than shackle. Word is unnatural and must be taught to enslave dummies. Languages have deadly virus that will destroy the educated. Time Cube's ineffable Truth. 'Cubeless Word' is not Truth. Word justifies all human evil. Time Cube is a test for Truth. Circle measure is slop bucket....There is 'absolute proof' that You are personified pyramid. Creation is a Cubic Princple, and you are too dumb to know."

Flathead Cat | January 7, 2002
With handy features like a Moon Phase Calendar and links to the best fishing supply sites, you will be in flathead catfish heaven for hours, if not weeks. Make sure to visit the campfire stories to find the real connection between flathead cats and Al Capone, and don't miss the noodlin' action page (maybe you can help us figure out exactly what this "Sometimes considered unethical, and illegal in some states" activity is. Because, as we all know, "Noodlin is a very real part of the catman culture"). Just remember to take it slow and keep it in perspective, or the flathead cats might very well take over your life.

International Male | December 24
Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the hunky manthing in your life? Look no further than the International Male catalog, where jackets come in three categories: dressy, casual, and leather. Our staff male, who does not exist, suggests the satin ultimate poet shirt or velvet swashbuckler. Or, if you're the practical type, try the leather shorts or the sensuous fur hat which, in some way perhaps better left unknown, "takes its cues from golf wear." Be warned, the thong section is not for the faint of heart, and your man might take a gift of shape enhancing underwear the wrong way.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology | December 17
From the museum's web site: "Like a coat of two colors, the Museum serves dual functions. On the one hand the Museum provides the academic community with a specialized repository of relics and artifacts from the Lower Jurassic, with an emphasis on those that demonstrate unusual or curious technological qualities. On the other hand the Museum serves the general public by providing the visitor a hands-on experience of 'life in the Jurassic'...."

Pinstruck | December 10
'Tis the season...for voodoo! Send completely anonymous voodoo messages to your friends and enemies using innovative digital voodoo technology. You can choose from among Pinstruck's prickly messages, including "Now you know how it feels," "You know you like it," and "I love you" in addition to special holiday curses like "ho ho ho...ouch" and "who's your Santa baby?" Or just read the victim feedback. Feeling a little short on enemies? Email us and we'll send you some of ours.

The Bear Necessities | December 3
The Bear Necessities, described by its website as "The greatest school store in the world!!!" is "Working hard to be YOUR school store!!" especially if you happen to be a student at Berkley High School which, as attentive OUMMCBNOM readers may remember, our staff members once were. The About Us section provides a bit of Bear history (did you know, for instance, that "The Bear is overlooked by two Berkley High faculty members"), but the real heart of the site is the brochure, where you can find pictures and descriptions of the items available for purchase at The Bear. Unfortunately, online ordering is not yet available.

The BillyBear4Kids Post Office | November 26
Have you exhausted the entire card rack at Bluemountain? Do Yahoo! Greetings not have the words to express your feelings? Try BillyBear4Kids! In the "Special Postcards" section, we recommend teenie tiny and soft and cuddly postcards. Try the "Holiday" section, which includes cards for most major holidays, including the previously unknown holiday of Chocolate! A warning: the July 4th cards may be too frightening for younger correspondents.